29 x The Pain

29 x The Pain‘ is a b-side on the ‘Suckerpunch‘ single where Ginger cleverly weaves his musical influences into the lyrics of the song. It’s likely the title is a nod to the Husker Du song ‘59 Times the Pain‘, there are a number of theories about the significance of the number 29. When The Wildhearts songs are listed in release order track, the song is the 29th track. Alternatively, it may have been Ginger’s age at the time of writing. The band’s A&R man at EastWest, Dante Bonutto, told Raw magazine “This was one of my absolute favourites. A lot of people ask me what the title is about and I thought it was either referring to the fact that there were 29 of Ginger’s favourite bands mentioned in the song or that he was 29 when he wrote it. I tried counting the bands but I don’t think it came to 29, so I reckon it refers to his age.”

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Stuart ‘Snake’ Neale (1963 – 2006)

Although Snake had left The Wildhearts (or The Wild Hearts as they were called during his tenure) by the time they were signed to EastWest, he was a key character in the early days of the band’s story, yet is often overlooked when it is told.

wild hearts kerrang

From an early age, Stuart John Neale, was a fan of rock music and even filled his acoustic guitar with concrete in the hope it would produce a heavier sound. At school he was given the nickname Snake for his ability for getting away with bad behaviour such as having a crafty fag and generally being able to get out of any situation.

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Cover Art

This is an extract from Classic Rock‘s ‘Sleevenotes‘ column. Scans uploaded to ‘All Things WildheartsFacebook group by Des Tröyer.

earth vs cover

What was Wildhearts mainman Ginger doing in a London studio back in the early months of 1993 gently lowering himself into a bath full of jet-black-looking oil. and allowing his eyes to be gaffa taped over and a live scorpion and a giant centipede to roam all over his face? Well he was modelling for the sleeve photo of his band’s debut album, ‘Earth vs The Wildhearts‘.

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