29 x The Pain

29 x The Pain‘ is a b-side on the ‘Suckerpunch‘ single where Ginger cleverly weaves his musical influences into the lyrics of the song. It’s likely the title is a nod to the Husker Du song ‘59 Times the Pain‘, there are a number of theories about the significance of the number 29. When The Wildhearts songs are listed in release order track, the song is the 29th track. Alternatively, it may have been Ginger’s age at the time of writing. The band’s A&R man at EastWest, Dante Bonutto, told Raw magazine “This was one of my absolute favourites. A lot of people ask me what the title is about and I thought it was either referring to the fact that there were 29 of Ginger’s favourite bands mentioned in the song or that he was 29 when he wrote it. I tried counting the bands but I don’t think it came to 29, so I reckon it refers to his age.”

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Story Behind the Song: Greetings from Shitsville

The following article is an extract from an old issue of Raw magazine, written by Dave Ling. Thanks to Rob Firth for the scans.

greetings raw 1

One noteworthy day in 1992, Ginger of The Wildhearts clears a space among the cockroaches, then sat down to write a song – and came up with three! No change there! Even two years later, while many a lesser composer would be slowing down a little and letting the royalties trickle in, the band’s productivity has increased to the point where they’re now forced to release their latest batch of material, ‘Fishing for Luckies’, by mail-order only, as their record company also have plans to issue the follow-up to their ‘Earth vs The Wildhearts‘ début next March!

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Love U Til I Don’t

Out of the 11 tracks (12 if we’re talking about the 1994 re-issue) the oldest would be Love U Til I Don’t, the origins of which can be traced back to the very first Wild Hearts demos. Here is a demo version featuring original singer, Snake, plucked from the archived. It sounds quite different to the version on the album although you might be familiar with the chorus.

With thanks to Steve Coombe for uploading the track.

Story Behind the Song: Caffeine Bomb

The following article is an extract from an old issue of Raw magazine, written by Howard Johnson. Thanks to Wayne McCrory for the scans.


“I remember writing ‘Caffeine Bomb’ really clearly,” explains Ginger. “It was late ’93 and I’d woken up in the middle of the afternoon with the kind of hangover that makes you think death is preferable. My head was throbbing and I had to get rid of it by any means possible.”

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