Metal Hammer Review


After numerous false starts, The Wildhearts début LP is finally here. Basically, it’s a bunch of demos that sounded worse after being tarted up in the studio, so they’ve been released in their original form, thus making Nirvana‘s shandy drinking production on ‘In Utero‘ sound like Andrew Lloyd Webber on big drugs! That means ‘authentic’ mis-haps are all over this record, including such jems as out of tune singing, messy drums and over-powering guitars! But my Lord if it isn’t the most invigorating record I’ve heard all year! ‘What the fuck? It’s my life, I can’t lose!’ barks mad Ginger in the autobiographical ‘Drinking About Life‘. My thoughts exactly chap! Big guitars and shouting aren’t new to rock ‘n’ roll, but when they’re played with such gut-wrenching intensity that you can’t really go wrong.

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KKKKK Review

This excellent 5K’s out of 5 review is taken from an old issue of Kerrang! on the initial release of  ‘Earth vs‘. Incidentally, the reviewer here, Jason Arnopp, is now a Doctor Who scriptwriter among other things.

earth vs 5k review

‘I’m living on a landmine/The kind that never ignites…’TV Tan.

This one just did. The Wildhearts have sat on the bastard for at least seven months since leaving the studio, and now it’s finally erupting. The Rock establishment must prepare to die.

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