In the Studio: KK on Mick Ronson

The mysterious KK listed as an engineer in the ‘Earth vs’ credits is brother of Pandora Peroxide artist and Ginger‘s former flatmate, Ray Zell, Kevin Mathews who now plays bass in the band of  the sister of the late great Mick Ronson, Maggi Ronson. This extract, written by KK is taken from Maggi’s website. I first met Mick around 1990 at Wessex Studios, London; he was working on an album for Swedish duo EC2, which Mick had produced and played various instruments on. While mixing and overdubbing the album with him, Mick told me he was going to record a new solo album soon and asked me if I’d like to engineer it! Mick was a great guy, but I still took it with a pinch of salt, as, all through my band and engineering days, people would come up with offers like that, which, invariably came to nothing.

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